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Why Choose an ICA Contractor?

ICA contractors agree to abide by a Code of Ethics that protects you, the consumer, from fraudulent practices. It also holds the member contractor to the highest standards of service to you. The Code of Ethics requires member contractors to train their employees in safety practices to ensure that work performed in your home will be performed in a safe and competent manner. This protects you and your family from injury and your home from damage.

Through their participation in ICA, contractors receive ongoing training that keeps them abreast of changes in the HVAC industry. The Commonwealth of Kentucky requires an HVAC contractor to receive eight hours of continuing education annually. Simply by attending our monthly meetings, our members receive 16 hours of continuing education, twice the state requirement. Thus, when you contract with an ICA member, you receive up-to-date equipment and service, as well as the latest knowledge about new technology.

If you would like to see for yourself the standards that an ICA contractor agrees to uphold, go to
Code of Ethics. This will give you a thorough understanding of the dedication each of our member contractors gives to our industry.

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